7.1 Add a Free Email Newsletter

Sending email newsletters to folks on your website email list is one of the best ways to keep your community up to date on your latest events. The goal of every newsletter should be a call to action such as clicking on a READ MORE button that goes to a web page with more information. One option for sending newsletters is to use an email sending service like Mail Chimp. However, there are several drawbacks to using these services. Some are free initially but can cost a lot as the number of emails sent grows. Even if you can afford the cost, the real drawback is that you are giving your customers data to a third party service. It is much more secure to use a free Joomla email tool and send the emails directly from your own website. We will therefore learn how to use a newsletter tool called BwPostman. There is an instruction manual available for free download from this website. https://www.boldt-webservice.de/index.php/en/joomla-extensions/bwpostman.html

However, this manual is 90 pages long. We will therefore try to provide a shorter summary here.

Here is a summary of the features of BW Postman
#1 You can use either normal Joomla articles in your newsletter or make a newsletter that is not a Joomla article.

#2 Newsletters can be personalized with the user’s name.

#3 You can create as many mailing lists or groups of email recipients or subscribers as you want.

#4 Newsletters are generated in both HTML and Text formats. This means you can create and use your own custom email HTML templates. In addition, BW Postman comes with default templates and a very easy template creation system.

#5 You can import or export subscribers from a CSV­ or XML ­file or any email address book. ­

#6 You can archive subscribers, newsletters, mailing lists, campaigns and templates and restore or copy them from the archive.

#7 You can include attachments with your emails.

#8 You can set how many mails will be sent at once.

#9 There is a fully functioning newsletter subscription module as well as a module for monthly overview of newsletters. All styles can be over ridden with custom CSS styles.

#10 Webmaster or another person may be informed per mail at each confirmation or un­subscription.

#11 Comes with free captcha tool against subscriptions by robots with a simple math task or as user defined question, adjustable in settings.

How to install and configure BW Postman

Step #1 Download BW Postman (which includes the component, 2 modules and 2 plugins). Here is the link:


Then move the compressed file from your Downloads folder to your website extensions folder.